Albenga, Liguria

The area selected for the experimentation is located in Savona province near the town of Albenga. Province has a total surface of 1545 Km2, it comprises 69 municipalities and has a total population of around 300.000 inhabitants. The agricultural sector is specialized in vegetable and fruit production together with viticulture and, particularly, oliviculture. Olive cultivation has been fostered during the last 10 years thanks to specific administrative and political measures set up by Liguria Region particularly aimed at restructuring the many olive tree orchards and mills located on the territory. In Savona province some 50 mills are active and 10 of them are certified for the production of D.O.P. oil (Appellation of Protected Origin). Traditional ways for disposal of untreated olive oil mills wastes foresee: 1. Disposal in the soil (mainly olive tree orchards), 2. Disposal in to the sewage system (where allowed by the responsible municipality), 3. Transformation into wastes which can be easily composted and used for heat production.

Pictures of the pilot area