Environment & Olive Oil Production

The production and the disposal of olive oil mills wastes are a significant, difficult to be solved problem for the olive oil productive regions that are caused environmental, social and economical repercussions.

With regard to the environmental repercussions, these are determined mainly by the way of wastes disposal and the consequences caused to the recipients, which are mainly surface water systems and soil, and their ecosystems.

The social repercussions concern mainly the conflicts between local communities’ members regarding the way of disposal, the potential dangers for human health and for the environment in general, but general degradation of neighboring areas (landscape degradation, smell, etc).

Economical repercussions include the consequences caused from the general degradation of the environment. For example, reduction of natural resources and degradation of their quality, reduction of productive and commercial activities depended upon the direct or indirect wastes recipients, negative consequences on tourism, etc.