Vacuum evaporation applied to olive mill waste waters

A technology which can be taken in consideration for a more sustainable disposal of waste waters is under vacuum evaporation. Such technology derived from specific sectors belonging to industry

such as galvanic industry, metallurgy,

machine building, chemical and pharmaceutical production, food processing and textile industries. Its application to waste water with high concentration of pollution substances has already been tested on other substrates but it deserves to be deepened with regards to olive mills waste waters too.

Principle of process is very simple and it is based on the fact that under vacuum conditions liquids can boil at a much lower temperature than 100 °C, i.e. around 37 °C. As a result of the application of evaporator under vacuum is gotten demineralized water which can be re-used (around 85-95% of the starting liquid volume) and concentrated waste substances (5-15%) where all pollutants are condensed and which can be more easily disposed with a significant reduction of costs (see the relevant explicative document - in Italian).

On 18/03/2011 a Workshop was organized at Ce.R.S.A.A. (link to page - in italian). The meeting was addressed to the people employed in the olive oil sector (oil mill owners and growers) and about 30 participants attended. The workshop represented an occasion for showing the first results obtained within the project and for taking stock of the main opportunities and technologies available for olive mill waste waters disposal in the regional area.
On the occasion the above mentioned innovative technique for olive mill waste waters treatment was presented by a responsible of
Delca s.r.l. (Turin, Italy), the firm that designed and realized the equipment. Thanks to the availability of a pilot scale demonstrative machine it was possible to realize a practical demonstration of its functioning, showing its by-products (water and a concentrated residue) and stirring up further on the discussion amongst the workshop participants.

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