PROSODOL is supported by :

  1. The Municipality of Nikiforos Fokas, Rethymnon, Crete, and

  2. The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Rethymno (UAC),Crete


The Municipality of Nikiforos Fokas, where the target mills' wastes disposal areas are located, is actively involved in the project. This involvement ensures, in general, the strong will of local authorities to be informed regarding the quality of their local environment, to adopt new sustainable technologies for its protection as well as their interest in participating in environment protection actions. The Municipal authority of the selected area is characterized as especially active in environmental protection measures and thus, its participation in PROSODOL ensures the dissemination of information and data through the local and national associations that it belongs.


The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Rethymno (UAC) includes 101 cooperatives with 8,863 members and covers different agricultural activities (olive oil mills, wine production, etc.) The basic goal of the organization found in its statutes is the economic advancement of its cooperative members. The UAC is involved in many industrial, supplying and services provision activities and participates in the share holders' capital of companies and cooperative organizations in Greece. UAC has developed strong relationships with relative agricultural associations of other Greek prefectures all over the country.

The involvement of UAC in PROSODOL, apart of its interest on environmental protection actions, ensures the dissemination of information and the project's achievements to itrs members and also to other cooperative associations. Since UAC does not cover only olive oil production but a wide range of agricultural activities which produce large quantities of waste of different kind, the dissemination of project's results and benefits will be also very useful and informative to its members.